We Don’t Talk Anymore…

Constant communication is something only your girlfriend ever wants but when it comes to the work site, it has to be done. On a construction site, real-time communication can be the difference between profit and loss.

Time wasted looking for instructions, information, materials or even the right tradesperson can add up quickly. One line of communication is not enough in construction, that one-way communication delays work and decreases efficiency, which in construction means more money spent on projects and that equals less profit.  According to a Nation Research Council study (NRC) up to 50% of the wasted time on construction sites is due to coordination issues.

Solution: Information in real time. Providing instant answers to the days burning question, what am supposed to do next? The right tool can solve this issue.

The tool you need is one that makes it effortless to communicate with the team members, on-site and in the office.

It needs to be easy and simple to use.

Records progress from everyone on the team.

Provides everyone with their specific list of tasks that they are responsible for and which ones of those are critical.

Sends every team member real-time update with simple notifications.

Using our expertise in the construction industry our expertise has been able to successfully find an application that solves these problems and provides you with the most effective tool while giving you that power from the palm of your hand.

construction management and communication

We have looked at the construction landscape and the best tool we have come across is SupersList. It provides updates in real time, is easy to use, provides a two week look ahead with a press of a button and integrates with Microsoft Project.

For more information please visit SupersList.


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