Everyone Avoids…The Talk!

Project managers need accurate progress updates from the site. Unfortunately, they often get that classic conversation:

PM:    “How’s it going, eh?”

SUPER: “Pretty good, good, yup”

PM:  “Are we on track?”

SUPER: “Fer sure, fer sure, they, the boys are workin’ hard, eh”

PM:  “Are we gonna finish on time?”  

SUPER:   “Well, I can’t say fer sure…. You know, it all depends, but it looks good

Words spoken:  44

Communicated: 0

Construction 10

Project managers need to know what is complete, what is not communicated and how much progress has been made. They need to be aware of any delays and changes that occur, as they occur. Then, ongoing problems can be recognized early and addressed. The project manager can coordinate trades, material deliveries, and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Without accurate information, with just that classic smokescreen conversation above, the management part of the job becomes impossible.

Progress updates, including good news, such as who finished early, are helpful to PM’s and Supers alike. This helps everyone make the most efficient use of their time.

Trades need to know what to do next and what their critical path items are. They don’t need the whole project plan or production schedule, just a list of upcoming tasks, including critical path items.

Site super needs to know what the trades are doing and what the project manager wants to get done in the next two weeks – What are the priorities/ critical path items and potential problems?

To make this multi-directional communication possible, consider a tool such as SupersList.  

It will allow the PM to share the project plan with the Super (step 1). The Super can record updates and changes on his cell phone, using the simple, easy to use “SupersList” app. He can assign tasks to various trades and when he presses the share button, the trades can see that next task on the list. They can report back completion rates and problems. The Super can see the updates as they get recorded, as well as the PM. Now there is no need for that difficult conversation: The Talk!


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