Our Story

Our story

We developed RiskMP after years of using MS Project and Primavera to plan and track construction projects, and using spreadsheets to fill in that other information, the uncertainties. There had to be a better way! If Project Management could be improved with MS Project, then software could help the Project Manager manage risk.

It started with a tool to simply identify and quantify risks; a place to record the uncertainties. Then we mapped them out on the project calendar. Now that the risks were identified and prioritized, it was easy to see that we needed to address some of those risks.

Easy to use ‘Risk Response’ planning features followed, and these are integrated right back into the Project Plan to be managed and tracked seamlessly.

This software worked so well for our construction projects that in 2013, we released this software to the world.


RiskMP software for construction risk management


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  1. This is a really useful tool for our projects. It works with MS Project, as an addin. There is complete compatibility and it makes MS Project available in the cloud with great security and we did not need to hassle our IT department.


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