It Isn’t That Complicated

architecture-blue-build-162557.jpgIt should be simple in this day and age of technology, to get a list on my cellphone of all the current tasks that I am responsible for (doing or managing).

It should be simple to have a readable and updateable copy of the Project Plan and a 2 week Look Ahead in the cloud and on my smartphone. And it shouldn’t be the whole Primavera or MS Project enterprise version of the project plan. I just want to know what is supposed to get done and by when. I just want to be able to markup this plan when things change, and know that the office has a copy of the changes and new information.

If you agree with either of these two statements above, then consider SupersList. It’s easy, inexpensive, reliable, fast and simple to use. The project plan in the cloud and on your smartphone.

smartphone app and cloud version of the project plan



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