How to Improve the Process of Resolving Deficiencies in Your Projects

The scenario: You are the project manager, owner, or superintendent performing the inspection. As you are going through the site, you notice a few items that are either marginally incomplete or require repair or adjustment. The work is minor and may or may not require the specialized trade to return to complete the task.

Historically, you would record this on paper. CloseOutPro, a mobile app for phones and tablets allows for recordkeeping to be made easy.

CloseOutPro allows you to record the deficiency by taking photos and adding labels. The label or description is important to remind you and the person performing the repair work of the exact issue contained in the photo.

A few other very useful items may be specified about each deficiency recorded:

  • The date the deficiency was noted –which is automatically set to the current time
  • The amount of time that the work will take –this is significant if the task requires days to repair
  • The cost –again, if there is a significant impact, this may be desirable to record.
  • Assigned to -owner or trade responsible to fix the deficiency.
  • Resolved –whether the repair is complete.
  • Date Closed –the date that this item is completed.

You can share this list with any other user by adding the user to your deficiencies project. They can view the deficiencies and filter for the ones that are relevant to them.  You can also use the filter button at the top of the deficiencies list to view resolved and unresolved deficiencies in separate lists.

The browser version of the software allows you to generate pdf reports regarding the deficiencies by trade, by days open, or by project. The deficiencies list by trade, open deficiencies, or completed deficiencies can also be generated.

Good record keeping increases the likelihood of quick resolution of deficiencies. Allow CloseOutPro to improve your construction process by simplifying the recordkeeping process. For more information, please check out our website


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