Communication Challenges in Construction


Construction companies have difficulty getting timely and complete information from the construction sites to the office. The typical question that we ask construction companies: Is communication one of the biggest issues in getting the project completed and getting payment?

Tracking project progress, recording changes, and organizing that information are major challenges on a construction site.

During the final claims process, being able to produce a clear record of all changes that occurred, categorized by responsibility (architect, design change, force majeure, general contractor), and the impact that they had on the schedule, has a significant impact on the profitability of the project.

For example, the contractor can claim all costs associated with design changes or quality improvements that are beyond the scope of the original project. The general contractor can claim for extra costs associated with delays created by design changes. This is only possible with good documentation to back up these claims.

During the project execution, having real-time updates on progress and changes will significantly improve project management.

For example, a minor error in a drawing requires modification and subsequently the workflow. This makes the work less efficient while approvals are being sought. The delay impacts subsequent tasks. Well organized records would make management of the approvals process as well as subsequent claims more successful.

As work in progress moves off of the project plan, it becomes more difficult to manage trades. Trades feel less pressure to meet deadlines or even starting dates, as starting dates change often and information regarding these changes is not forthcoming in a timely manner.

Communication is key to making sure work in progress moves efficiently. Being diligent in communicating changes to all parties will ensure the project to move without delays.

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