ProjectAddin: MS Project Plans in the Cloud

Does the team need to see the most current Project plan and a 2-week look ahead of it?

Have you ever wanted to share the project plan or a 2-week look ahead with others who do not have an individual MS Project license? Or are you concerned that people will unwittingly corrupt the MS Project plan through user errors?

We have a solution.

ESCTT’s new software, ProjectAddin, is a secure addin for Microsoft Project.

Getting comments, feedbacks, and actuals from the team right on that plan (without changing the master MS Project file) is a useful tool for most project managers.

Once you have downloaded and installed ProjectAddin, you can put your MS Project Plan on a secure server that your team can access via Wi-Fi or cellular. You pick the users that can access the Plan and decide –via our user-friendly interface, who can see and who can add to the plan. You get to choose what you do with the changes… add them, comment on them, or discard them to the master Project file. The 2-way synchronization puts you in control of changes to the MS Project Plan. No more worrying that your MS Project files will be corrupted by different users. The 2-week look ahead can be generated at the press of a button so that you can see the immediate work that needs to be done. It is always updated in real-time and therefore works with team members in separate offices or remote sites.

For only $5/month, a user will be able to access ProjectAddin and all of its features. For more information/to register, please visit our website



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