Construction Process: Getting to Closeout

The last 10% of any project is the hardest to get through!

When a project is ready to do the walkthrough, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Perform your own inspection before your architect, owner, client, or boss does theirs!
  2. To help to cover everything, identify the Punch List beforehand: what to check and mark it off the list during the walkthrough.

When you come across a deficiency:

  1. Describe it: What is the problem? Is it major rework or just polish? Taking a picture of the deficiency will help you and persons responsible to locate and identify the issue.
  2. Determine: Does it require the trade to return or are we going to fix this ourselves?
  3. Duration: Estimate how long it will take.
  4. Location: Where did this occur? Markup a drawing and flag the location with tape.
  5. Who: Who is going to fix this? Who owns the problem? Communicate the deficiency to the person responsible. (email and assign the work)
  6. Date & Timestamps: Note the date deficiency was identified to track how long it’s been. Make sure to record the date the item was resolved and inspected as well.
  7. Keep a record: Check on the status regularly and follow up. Update records and print reports. Record resolutions and update lists and reports.


Using apps:

There are a number of smartphone apps that are available. Ensure that your smartphone app has the ability to:

  1. Timestamp your record
  2. Include a description
  3. Store a photograph
  4. Duration estimate
  5. Assigning persons responsible
  6. Status of deficiency: identified, in progress, resolved, inspected
  7. Create reports

Our app, CloseoutPro has all of the above features and more. It allows you record deficiencies and incompletes to create and update the punchlist on your mobile devices. Assign the work and notify them with just a click of a button. Keep track of completions and get through the closeout period, faster and easier.   closeoutmp.jpg


Risk Management Training

We offer accredited webinars and on-site training in Risk Management and Construction Management. For more information:


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