Continuous Updates

Continuous information from the site is key to

  1. maintaining an updated project plan
  2. measuring the impact of changes
  3. maintaining records for a potential claims process
  4. recognizing and addressing issues at the earliest possible time
  5. managing the project effectively


Getting Updates from the Site

Some people are great at updating the MS Project plan, and others are not. Asking site personnel to keep the project plan updated has potential pitfalls:

  1. Site personnel have other responsibilities. Recordkeeping often comes second in their list of priorities.
  2. Site personnel may not have the required expertise to record updates correctly and may damage the plan or make it unworkable.
  3. Site personnel requires their own MS Project license.

A recognized industry best practice is to have the project manager or project coordinator manage and maintain the project plan, and record the updated information.

Where will updated information come from?

To address the issues mentioned above, we have created a smartphone app, SupersList, that has a solution to all of the pitfalls mentioned and makes the recording process a trivial task. The easier it is to record updates, the more likely that site personnel will do it. interior 4 deficiencies.gif

The information from the app can easily be imported into MS Project, and the project manager maintains control of the plan or roadmap.

Recording Updates

Everyone knows that it is easiest to record an update as you walk the site and as you see the work. For this reason, a mobile app that lets you record updates onsite is indispensable. If the project plan is on your smartphone, you can enter updates directly and note the evidence of progress and delays. Jotting down the info on paper and entering it into the system later is duplicating work and the possibility of missing details. Time is always of the essence in a construction site. Efficiency is key.

A recognized project management best practice is keeping a current, updated project plan, and updating it at least weekly. An updated project plan is more than a communication tool. It allows you to monitor and measure performance, key project management tasks.

Superslist is a cellphone app that gives you the capabilities to note updates as they occur. Because it is fully integrated with MS Project, you can measure progress against the plan and record updates as you go. For as low as $10.75 a month, make project management straightforward and updated consistently.



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