Lessons Learned Meetings: Improve Business Processes

You don’t have to dread the Lessons Learned meetings, make the process a positive one and one that improves the business successes and future projects.

Here are a few tips on improving your Lessons Learned meetings:


Strong Corporate Support

To make the lessons Learned a useful exercise, we need strong corporate support, meaning being well prepared and having a sound structure. It is worth the investment given that functional lessons learned meetings are essential to achieving business improvements.


Anonymous Input

Since we are discussing negatives, Political games and finger-pointing are inevitable. To minimize political games, we can do a survey, online, where input is anonymous, prior to the Lessons Learned meeting.

In the survey, add:

  1. what went right,
  2. what went wrong and,
  3. suggestions for improvements


Evaluate the Results Using a Software Tool

To gain valuable business benefits from a risk management plan, an important step at the end of the project is to evaluate the results. There is no point in repeating the same issues in the next project. In evaluating the results of the risk management plan, using a digital software tool such as RiskMP makes the process easy and less time-consuming.

graphic generated by RiskMP

The detail report should include detailed explanations of divergences with sources and recommendations. Also, include key fields for future searches. Again, if you are using software such as RiskMP, these reports can be automatically generated.

The time invested in Lessons Learned is the time that leads to improvements in your project management practices.


This is valuable information: this is how you can avoid “reinventing the wheel” on future projects.


Risk Management Training

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