Why Just Pictures Are Not Enough

I was speaking with a tradesman the other day, who is part of a team responsible for taking care of deficiencies.

“I just received a shared folder on Dropbox, filled with pictures of deficiencies from the project. They are in a folder with the unit indicated as the name of the folder. So that gives me some indication of where to go look for these problems. About ½ of the pictures in the folder are obvious and I can identify the rework required. The other half is a mystery. Some I cannot locate. Some, I am uncertain about what the problem is. Words would be helpful. This is a waste of time.”

Having lived through this myself (albeit on much smaller projects), I can understand the frustration. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a few words added to the picture on the hundreds of photographs would seriously improve efficiency and allow for organization. Using a smartphone app for this purpose can make organization simple and communication so much better.

Our app, CloseoutPro has all of the above features and more. It allows you record deficiencies and incompletes to create and update the punchlist on your mobile devices. Assign the work and notify them with just a click of a button. Keep track of completions and get through the closeout period, faster and easier.

closeoutpro.ca interior deficiencies.png



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