CloseoutPro: Manage Deficiencies Easier!

CloseoutPro records and manages deficiencies easily. Since rework is best done early in the process, the app makes it easy to record and communicate deficiencies. Managing records and information is tedious. This app allows you to keep all the records in one place, but that is accessible online, by any team member. closeoutmp

  1. Upload a complete inspection list.
  2. At any time during the construction, as you notice a deficiency, record it against your list.
  3. Assign it to the persons responsible for the fix.
  4. Add a description and a photo to help communicate the issue.
  5. Press the email Notify button, to ensure that the need for rework has been communicated.
  6. Before the owner walkthrough, inspect against your list, and to ensure all deficiencies are noted, to create the punch list.
  7. Generate the punch list report.
  8. The reports provide a complete list of deficiencies, by trade, by location and/or by days open, allowing you to manage and communicate more effectively.
  9. The checklist allows you to update the status easily.
  10. Because it is based on your complete inspection list, the punch list is simple to generate.

Providing professional service to your client just became easier.



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