Project Plan Factoids

A good construction project plan is the basis for developing a reasonable budget and the right schedule to meet deadlines. A project plan with all the details will ensure your project runs smoothly. These are a few things to consider about project plans.

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A poor understanding of duration results in late delivery. In project plans and schedules, pay careful attention to duration estimates –it will improve our project plans and chances of success.

Start Dates

Explicit start dates for tasks that are updated frequently should be communicated to all parties responsible for completing the tasks.

Updating the Plan

The project plan that is updated regularly is an extremely useful tool. Subcontractors can plan workloads and crew sizes based on the latest and best estimates. Improved materials delivery saves everyone time and effort, and that is only possible with the latest information.

The Project Plan is a Roadmap

First and foremost, the project plan is a communication document, a guide, and a roadmap. The project plan is a roadmap explaining how the project is going to be built. The drawings and contract documents explain what we are going to build and when it will be completed.


How we are going to build the project is a challenge that is separate from the design. The general contractor will develop the ‘how’ and communicate this through the project plan schedule. Detailed schedules from the subcontractors can refine the project plan and improve its precision.


ProjectMP offers a suite of products to help manage your projects better. All of our software integrates with each other to ensure a complete and seamless project management tool.


Risk Management Training

We offer accredited webinars and on-site training in Risk Management and Construction Management. For more information:


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