There is never enough time!

There is never enough time! That’s the typical excuse. And its true. If you are a project manager of a construction project, time is one thing that is always in too short supply. So for most people, a risk analysis or risk management practice and procedure is just another task that is left on the to-do list.
So here is the compelling reason for every project manager, including you, to do a risk analysis and risk management: you want to go home at night at a reasonable hour. It will save you time in the long run.
Here is how:
Every experienced PM and site manager already know where most of the risks are. There is just no good place to record them and no process to address them. During planning stages, you could actually plan around them or put in the contingency. If you identify it as a contingency, precon or management will probably try to give it away before the project starts.
To communicate the risk, you need to record it, present it and explain it. A good risk management tool, such as RISKMP will allow you to do just that.
Careful examination of the project plan, scope, time, costs will allow you to identify the items that have some risk associated with them. Record the items that you identified, analyse them and arrange them in order of probability and impact. Now develop contingency plans, even if only jotted down somewhere on the risk record. Finally monitor the risks as you go through the project.
Now you are anticipating what can go awry and being proactive. Since you know what is coming, you are in control. This is not about fire fighting. And that’s how you are going to get to go home at a reasonable hour.


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