A little preaching to the choir… What

A little preaching to the choir….
What are your key issues as a construction project manager? Getting the project built! This is priority one. We are all action oriented folks looking for the most efficient and cost effective way to get the project done while ensuring good quality.
What happens as the project approaches completion? People start noticing that we are not quite on time, that there has been rework required, and changes, and additions. Things are not exactly as originally planned. This is true of any project. Things change. If they are exactly on plan and on schedule, the odds are that you haven’t started working on the project yet!
How a project manager deals with changes is the measure of a good project manager and a key contributor to the success of the construction business.
Dealing with Change Successfully:
1. It must be documented: a year from now, in fact 3 months from now, the circumstances surrounding this change will not be remembered.
2. It must be communicated: key players need to be informed. The owner, site manager, trades, architects, engineers and whomever may be affected need to know as early as possible.
3. Earlier is better. The earlier the participants know, the earlier that they can put mitigation plans in place.


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